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- add Java tutorials?
Be careful, I tend to write guides at a murderous pace
Java - Classes
Java - Threads
Java - Streams

SQL - Data Defintion Language
SQL - Data Manipulation Language
SQL - Data Query Language
Featured article
Scrap code
If you want to understand a concept->program, then you should get the fiddling with global data structures out of the way
a program for prime factorization, can be used for stress testing
get the resource bundle here
compiler skeleton for the functionally compiled language fcl
contains a lexer, parser and (unfinished) semantic checker
an RPG skeleton written in Scheme
has a schematic setup of rooms, encounters and items, also a player inventory, stats, weapons and armor
You are advised to grab the main file, the three data files, and the resource bundle
arc injection example
with the correct payload, you can manipulate the program flow to your advantage
this is, strictly speaking, not an arc injection (as no return address is manipulated) but rather a simple buffer overflow which causes a different branch of the program to execute (see #buffer_overflow)
Operating system bootloader and kernel skeleton
closely following the OSDev wiki, this is my bootloader which loads a GDT, an IDT, switches to protected mode and finally jumps to the kernel (kernel code and header file)
written in NASM syntax, pasted onto a floppy image with this makefile, loaded with Bochs VM
Many comments were put into the bootloader to make it clear what is happening
Image board server
Grab the server and view, run the server with NodeJS, then access it on localhost:44003
will create a store/ directory where the images will be uploaded to. Share your IPv6 with friends to let them access the server (see #ipv6_hosting)
PHP script server
a local PHP interpreter and server
Grab the server and a copy of the PHP, run the server with NodeJS, and put any scripts into the scripts/ directory. Accessing localhost:719 will call the scripts/index.php and display it (here is a sample index file which also contains a snippet of MySQL)
Key storage server
a key negotiation server that stores an AES256 encryption key and only returns it if a payment has been made
Get the server and run it with NodeJS, test the server with this client. See the specs if you want the full details
It goes without saying that you should only use this for educational purposes...
Docker is a complex monstrosity that can bring great rewards if used correctly
JDBC test
a local database server and JDBC client, running as containers
this setup contains build files for the dbtest image (loads the pgSQL JDBC driver and executes this java file) and the listen image (requires this js file) and a compose file (optional and experimental!). Build with this makefile, and edit the java file as you desire to send SQL queries into your running container!
Esoteric stuff
Wim Hof's breathing technique
Play/Pause music